Fellow Musicians and Songwriters,

I feel compelled to share the video below from my longtime favorite website, TED.com. (It's a site full of 20min talks from brilliant people on virtually any topic from music, storytelling, technology, entertainment and design.)

This video from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, and she speaks of nurturing our own creativity and a different way to think about creative genius. Take to time to watch the video if you're a songwriter, musician or a creative person of any flavor. Feel free to comment.

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when I get 20 minutes, I'll check it out!
That's what my songs have been missing!!! Fairy juice!!!


Good stuff man. I can't deny what she's talking about. As a writer and as a performer there have certainly been times when I could really sense what was happening and what I was doing was really beyond me. I wonder if there's an athletic version of this?
I believe so... in high school, I was a "street" skateboarder, meaning, I'd keep-movin' down unknown sidewalks and parking lots of unknown streets and something inside of me knew which way to go... I liken it to the way I write my songs today.
Its great to see the internet and mass media is at you fingertips to advertise but...the only downside for this is all the multitudes of performers ,artists,singers,bands have to have an absolute flawless appeal/,,, to get or have enough freedom to do only their craft for a living ,I came from the barrooms and nightclub gigs of the 70s-90s ,what I see now are bands and singers ,entertainers bands going out and performing for sheer enjoyment ,..which is cool,... but notthe same as bands from my generation getting paid across the board much better than today....but music is meant to be heard never mind the intagibles
Fairy Juice... depends on the Fairy, I daresay.


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