I'm an upright and electric bass player (heavy on the upright side) looking for a keyboard player (piano, organ) and a drummer to start a fusion trio or such. Similar influences would be Tortoise, Isotope 217, MMW, Bad Plus, Garage A Trois, Organissimo, etc. Reach me if interested or you know someone who fits the bill at shimoda_3@hotmail.com. I have played straight-ahead, big band, combo, and alternate combo jazz and want to push the musical envelope with something different for this area.

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Bad Plus FTW! Yeah, man.
I'm all about it. I tried this once with a sextet called the Fiendish Thingies, though it was more of a trad jazz style format that had weird third-stream or fusion-like adventures than it was straight up fusion. Jazz of any stripe is a hard sell around here, and the further out you get, the more the problem multiplies.
But I'm always willing to play music I like, whatever the circumstance. This post is a couple months old, but if you're still looking for a drummer, let me know.
If you are still around the area, Mark... I think you might be interesting involved with the Shadowville All-Stars. I know we'd dig giving it a go-round.


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