Hey everyone, I'm looking for guitarist, bassist, and drummers, and maybe a keyboardist or two, to make up my backing band when I play larger venues. I can audition at anytime you want and after I have assembled the band we will begin rehearsals, if you join this band I am not looking for musicians who are exclusive to this band I'm looking for artist who may have their own shows to play and musicians who want to be part of what I am doing in and around the state of georgia. If you are interested you can email me at hollandbenjaminster@gmail.com . Thank you and I hope to hear from ya'll soon enough, -BJH

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I play a mean pipe.

Pipes of Pan...



Yeah, bro I'll play with you when you need it. Keyboardist here and just rolled in to Atlanta.

Give me a shout when you are going to play, or if you wanna just hang and write / play, I'm down with that as well.

- a
I play open mic occasionally, and one song I want to do that requires boards is "The Rain Song" by Led Zeppelin. I've recorded it with all the elements Zep used in their studio version and I have to say it's a very exciting song to play. I think it'd be greatly appreciated by audiences, even those who aren't familiar with it.

Hello Kip, long time no see, man!

Hi B.J. Im a drummer and looking to play again after about 8 months off. I remember hearing you at the Loft (About a yr ago)
BJ, I heard a couple of the tracks recorded at Brian Mallard's studio, produced by John Phillips... great work, with a mellow 1970s singer-songwriter vibe.


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